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The Gertz Web Design logo in all of its glory. 2003 called and wants its 3D logo back.

The Gertz Web Design logo in all of its glory. 2003 called and wants its 3D logo back.

Over a dozen years ago, some friends and I decided to form a web design company while we were in college. I had taught myself several web programming languages and we decided it would be a good opportunity to make some extra money and hone our skills. We created Gertz Web Design and had a good degree of success, but we ended the company a couple of years later once we got too busy to keep it going.

Even though I stopped creating websites for people, I didn’t let go of the skills I’d learned. In February 2009, I started my own website, and in 2010, I switched to the WordPress platform, publishing my first post here on New Year’s Day, 2011. My previous experience in web design helped me get a good grasp of WordPress’s platform and advanced features, and over time I began to help other people with their WordPress sites as needs arose. Last year, I began taking paying clients, relying primarily on word of mouth to build my client base.

All of that leads up to today’s exciting announcement. On June 7, I’ll officially be launching a new web design company. I’ll be focusing on helping people learn the WordPress platform, providing free weekly tips on my site as well as offering one-on-one training and development.

Right now, I’m building a launch team to help get the word out for my launch in four weeks. Launch team members will get early access to my site two weeks before the June 7 launch! If you’re interested in learning more about WordPress, if you have your own WordPress site, or if you’d just like to help me spread the word, I’d love to have you join!

I’ll continue to write here occasionally, but I’ll also be creating a new post each week on my new site. Be sure to check back on June 7 for a link, or join the launch team to see what’s in store even sooner!

Update: My new web design site has officially launched! Check out MPWR Design at!