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The world is full of blogs. Millions of them, actually. Seemingly every topic possible is covered: politics, sports, religion, and even blogs about random blogs. One would think that the last thing the world needs is another blog.

I’m obviously fully aware of this, so why in the world would I want to start another new blog?

This is the very question that has turned a simple five minute WordPress installation into a dilemma spanning a couple of months.

Do I have anything to say that’s worth writing? Even if I do, would anyone care? Even if they care, would anyone take the time to read it?

I’ve decided to start a new blog because I hope the answer to each of these questions is “yes.” I’m hopeful that I have something worthwhile to say. Ultimately, that’s yours to decide. I’m also hopeful that someone out there (at the risk of being too optimistic, hopefully numerous ‘someones’) will care enough to read what I have to say. In the spirit of the “Does advertising work? Just did!” billboards, it seems to be working so far, because you’re here.

I’m hopeful that the words that I write will motivate and inspire those who read them. I’m also hopeful that I can provide a unique perspective that the other millions of blogs out there may miss. I’m aware that those are lofty goals, and only time will tell if I am actually able to achieve them.

With that being said, here’s what you can expect from me.

  1. I will write primarily about the Christian faith, theology, and the church. Because of my personality and interests, I doubt I can keep myself from writing about sports, technology, and a few other various topics om occasion, but it is my desire that these simply serve as anecdotes and not distract from my purpose for writing.
  2. I will write on a regular basis. If you’re taking the time to visit my site, you deserve for me to take the time to keep it updated. You can expect me to write one or two new posts a week.
  3. I will do my best to write about topics that are interesting and relevant. Like many others, I had one of the Xanga/LiveJournal/etc. sites in my high school days. (I’m being purposefully vague about which site I used because I don’t want you to find it. Trust me, you don’t want to find it.) Sites like those were basically a public diary: sporadic posts on random topics which usually revolved around something that happened that day. Think of it as a Twitter page without the character limit. Journal sites like those (mine and those of others) usually did little to engage the reader. It is my desire to write not for myself but for you, the reader. I’ll save the random rants for my Twitter page (which has a character limit for a reason).

I’m not perfect, and I therefore can’t promise that I will be able to keep these expectations all the time. I’ll do my best, though, and I hope you enjoy it!