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It’s been about a month and a half since I last wrote a blog post. Because of this, combined with all the change in my life mentioned in my last post, I don’t feel right getting back to normal blogging without updating everyone on things. Next week I will be taking a group of students to Arkansas on a mission trip, and I hope to resume normal blogging after that. But first, the promised update.

I began serving University Baptist Church as youth minister last month. It has been a great joy to do so. I’m incredibly excited to get back into youth ministry, something I missed greatly during my tenure as a worship pastor. I’m definitely passionate about leading worship, too, but it’s been refreshing to have the privilege to work with students again. I’ve been blessed with an amazing, intelligent, talented youth group, and our church is very supportive and encouraging. The past month has been a great joy, and I’m sure the months to come will be too!

In other news, we also found a new place to live. It’s only about ten minutes from our old house, in the far northwest corner of Fort Worth. It’s much smaller than our last house, but it’s enough for us. We’ll live here through the end of September and then decide whether to stay or move again. We miss having such a big house but we’re also quite content with what we have.

I’ve been unable to blog since we’ve been so busy moving and settling into our new place. I hope to resume blogging regularly in a couple of weeks after my trip. Stay tuned!